ACT 6 Puck Sprung Replacement Clutch Disc Subaru WRX 2002-2005

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Wore out your ACT 6 Puck Sprung Replacement Clutch Disc for the Subaru WRX and dont want to dish out all the cash for a new kit? buy this! ACT Heavy Duty pressure plates provide increased torque capacity, durability, and extended clutch life. What makes ACT pressure plates the highest standard in the industry? First manufacturing always begins with new units. These are not rebuilt from worn out parts. Second, pressure is increased the right way. Altering the geometry alone is not enough. Instead, a stronger diaphragm is engineered. ACT diaphragms are heat treated using an exclusive 3 stage process and the release bearing contact area is hardened to reduce wear. Third, the pressure and release travel of the unit is designed to be in the optimum working range.

Finally, by using proven assembly procedures consistency and precision is assured. Every unit ACT produces is accurately balanced and tested. No guesswork, no hype, only proven engineering and calculated results.

Applications: Subaru Impreaza WRX 2002+ Clutch Kit Number: SB3-HDR6 Torque Capacity: 527 Pressure Increase: 32% Over Stock ACT Pressure Plate: SB-012 ACT Disc: 4P228S Release Bearing: RB601 Pilot Bearing: PB1004 Alignment Tool: AT87 Comments: *Not recommended for street use due to harsh engagement." disc only


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awsome clamping power

, Sep 30, 2012
This clutch grabs! You wont be disappointed with the power it puts to thr ground. The description is not lying though. DO expect harsh engagement. It sucks in stop & go traffic. 5 stars for performance!

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