Aquamist Blue HFS-3 High Flow Water Injection System - Universal

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As water injection is playing a more and more important role in power tuning, there is more need to have a _fail-safeî mechanism in place to detect the presence of water, thus preventing the engine from damaging itself through excess heat causing the onset of detonation. DDS3 water flow monitoring system is designed to meet this criteria.

The latest DDS3 v8 hardware update allows the unit to work with virtually any water injection system on the market. The 52mm Dash Gauge can be configured to detect a very wide flow range thanks to the revised flow sensor translation software, supplying data to a high intensity 8-segment led Bar graph display. The turbine flow sensor has also undergone a major mechanical enhancement to increase its flow range. Extending the flow up from 450 to 1000 cc/min is only a few clicks on the Sensor Calibration (CS) trimmer.

Failsafe detection circuitry has also been upgraded, it can now read Fuel injector duty cycle as well as MAP sensor. This new feature allows the DDS3 to be integrated with many other non-Aquamist water injection systems on the market seamlessly, All materials used are still 100% Methanol and Ethanol compatible.

The complete kit comes with a water level sensor, a signal conditioning junction box, a turbine flow sensor and a industry standard 52mm dash gauge. The gauge is backlit, automatic dimming for night driving. The gauge is now so well equipped that one can build a complete single stage water injection system (p14) by just adding a water pump, a relay and a spraying nozzle, with absolute safety as standard.

Part Number: 806 083


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