Coolingmist CMGS Auto Learn Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal

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The all new CMGS System X is different from all other controllers on the market. This kit will inject progressively based on either Boost or MAF (Frequency). This system has a state of the art failsafe that will detect problems within the system and alert you. The failsafe will detect things like air in the line, hose disconnected, injector clogged, filter clogging, pump failure, solenoid failure, pump turning on when it should not, wiring problems, low fluid level, over flow situations and more. It will alert you on the screen when a problem has occured. The best part, the failsafe will setup and learn automatically. It also has an output that can be used to turn something on or off during a failure. This kit comes with our high pressure 200+ PSI pump, 52 MM CMGS gauge controller, 1 gallon tank, stainless steel solenoid and is complete with our super atomizing nozzle.

Most of you will be fine with a single nozzle. If you have alot of power or are running to the edge or need to have alot more flow you can choose our staging options from the drop down box. The diagrams for those options are shown in the PDF. The single pump 2 stage system will have 2 nozzles. The dual pump 2 stage system will have 2 pumps and 2 nozzles. 

If you want the easiest progressive system with the most robust failsafe available, you just found it. 


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