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The Local Car Meet!

Josh and some of the guys from the office went to the local car meet to see what has changed in the past 10 years. Seems to be the same stuff with newer cars. Like most car meets, I wasn't long before the cops came and shut it down.

Hot Wing Challenge with Warehouse Guys

In today's video, Josh makes the guys in the warehouse eat extra hot wings because he had to do if for a video with Mike from I Build Race Cars. It may seem cruel but we are family here at Import Image Racing so if josh had to do it. They have to do it too.

Are Cosmis Racing Wheels Bullet Proof?

Today we test the durability of our wheel in a very unique way! Josh the owner of Cosmis USA had to prove to Vinnie that our wheel can hold up to a lot more than what he thinks. We brought out the XT-006R to shoot, then we decide to give you guys a special surprise at the end of the video!

Lunch with I Build Race Cars - IIR

In this video, Josh takes Mike from "I Build Race Cars" to lunch and talked a little about the new products they have in development all while eating hot wings. It was a good idea but fell short because the sauce was not as hot as we expected. Mike explained the difference in the TGV delete and the BRZ manifold adaptor kit. He also mentioned an oil pump rebuild kit that will allow you to run E85.

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IIRImport Image Racing is a retailer and distributor for many of the most popular brands in the performance aftermarket. We believe in stocking a large variety of products, and carry a constantly expanding, extensive inventory. If we don't have it in stock at our location we work with a vast network of warehouses which will have your item(s) delivered as promptly as possible. We can get almost anything you request regardless of year/make/model. We specialize in Performance products for Imports, Domestics (Both Muscle and trucks) as well as European vehicles.

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