StopTech Centric Rear Rotor (1 Rotor) Honda Civic Type R 2017-2019

Stop Tech
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Brake Rotors

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Part #: 120.40101

Centric premium rotors utilize an Electrocoating finish that provides long lasting corrosion protection. E-coating is a superior electro-statically applied finish designed to withstand 400 hours of salt water exposure without rusting. Phosphate finishes utilized by other manufacturers provide only minimal protection from the elements; these finishes are generally only effective for the shipping and storage portion of a rotor??ç?ûs life. The addition of heat and moisture eliminates the effectiveness of phosphate finishes resulting in immediate corrosion once installed in the vehicle.

Centric Premium Brake Rotor

  • Symmetric vane, split-core castings for uniform heat distribution
  • Black E-Coat anti-corrosive coating protects much better than competitors spray paint
  • Double disc ground friction surface for optimal performance and serviced life

Price is per rotor. Only one rotor is included for this listing.??í


StopTech Centric Rear Rotor (1 Rotor) Honda Civic Type R 2017-2019
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