Deatschwerks 440cc Fuel Injectors Mazdaspeed Protege 2003

Fuel Injectors

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Part #: 21S-00-0440-4

Deatschwerks performs flow balancing and quality assurance testing on every set of injectors they produce, ensuring that the end product is top-notch. Deatschwerks injectors are tested and analyzed at over 40 data points on DW's in-house New Age Technologies injector flow bench. Deatschwerks injectors are remanufactured by DW to the specified flow; you can rest assured that you are receiving a top-quality, reliable, well-performing product at a price that is hard to pass up.

Deatschwerks fuel injectors for the MSP feature drop-in fitments for a simple installation. Since they are made from new Denso manufactured injectors, they will fit directly into the stock or any aftermarket fuel rail. Deatschwerks Mazdaspeed Protege fuel injectors will require some sort of fuel management system to work properly (AEM EMS, Split Second, Megasquirt, etc.)

Injectors are only sold in sets of 4.
ECU tuning is required.

Deatschwerks 440cc Fuel Injectors Mazdaspeed Protege 2003
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