Skunk2 Ultra Series Race Intake Manifold - Silver - Honda / Acura K Series 3.5L

Intake Manifolds

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Part #: 307-05-8000

As a result of years of research and development, this multi-piece cast aluminum design offers numerous advantages only allowed by a modular design.

Continuing the legacy of the Pro-Series intake manifold, including the use of the latest in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, engineers have created a 3-piece modular design that allows for easy disassembly, porting, and volume changes in the plenum (4.5L and 5.5L) through the use of optional plenum spacers. Extensive in-house dyno and on-car testing has shown a huge increase in both horsepower and torque gains over other manifolds.

The new Ultra-Series intake manifold comes standard in 3.5L trim, is made from a high-grade 356 aluminum for increased strength without sacrificing weight, CNC-machined for a precise fit, and individually inspected for quality assurance.

The large 90mm throttle body opening, 87mm velocity stacks, and hi-velocity intake runners with smooth transitions allow the Ultra-Series intake manifold to be used with built, high- horsepower, naturally aspirated or forced induction setups. The new Ultra-Series intake manifold offers cutting edge intake technology at an affordable price.

  • Standard size is 3.5L (4.5L and 5.5L configurations require purchase of optional spacers)
  • Manifold comes in silver finish with the option of silver or black spacer
  • Optional Billet Aluminum Plenum Spacers in 1L or 2L sizes
  • Hi-Grade Mounting Hardware
  • 6.5" Tilted & Tapered Hi-Velocity Runners
  • Raised 87mm Velocity Stacks - Plenty of Material to Port
  • Provisions for additional injectors on bottom side of runners
  • Unique Mounting Flange Universally Fits All K Series Heads
  • 90mm Throttle Body Flange - Std. 5.0L Ford Pattern
  • 4 x 1/8" NPT, 3 x 1/4" NPT and 1 x OEM AIT Port
  • Includes Thermal Manifold Flange Gasket
  • Generously Cast Runner Walls for Porting
  • Fits ALL Popular Chassis Configurations - Not Just Race Cars
  • Note: If this product is drop shipping from Skunk2 directly, it takes 3 business days to process the order prior to shipping.
    Skunk2 Ultra Series Race Intake Manifold - Silver - Honda / Acura K Series 3.5L
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