Skunk2 MegaPower RR Cat Back Exhaust Civic Si 2DR 2012-2013

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My order shipped within two days. Couldn’t ask for a better sounding exhaust has a nice deep tone, definitely worth the money!

Just my opinion

I think this exhaust is more hype then performance With a skunk 2 cold air intake (not short ram ) the full cold air intake and this exhaust I really don’t feel any difference at all from stock unless you get a hi flow catalytic converters or run a straight pipe don’t even bother just buying these Two items you need a header intake manifold and a drop down to a straight pipe otherwise you have to supercharger or a turbo charger to really get some real change in power but then you have to replace a lot of parts which gets crazy expensive like upwards of ten to twenty thousand dollars not to many people wanna do that when they can buy a type r civic idk this is all my opinion but the exhaust does have a deep nice loud tone not like a weed hacker or lawn mower like other cheap river exhausts on 96 civic lx with shitty spray painted hubcaps and crappy details you might also need a tune up if you replace your si with a skunk 2 intake and exhaust maybe get a vetch controller to get the air and fuel ratio straightened out just my opinion just putting it out there but it is a beautiful exhaust

Love at first start

This exhaust is loud, but its also deep.. not really raspy.. it was more than i expected..

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