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Never thought I’d need one!!

Well I got a used stage 1 Exedy w fly for under $200... After an engine failure and a reinstall, a few months later... After replacing my clutch hydraulic system... Clutch goes to the floor... Eventually figure out the TOB/CRB pulled out of the center retaining clip... After pulling it apart the clutch center section that holds the retaining clip, had separated... The monoloc held it all together, I didn’t trust the action, and separation of the center section... So I got a new OEM Exedy clutch kit... Used my ACT TOB/CRB and monoloc collar, w the new clutch kit... 300miles on break in, and it’s still smooth engagement... Pedal travel and feel is better than I can ever remember! I would definitely spend the $69 for piece of mind, and not having to pull a motor or transmission later for a loose TOB/CRB pull style retainer!! Or pay someone a lot to replace it if it fails🙏🤞😑

Fits perfect, still holding strong after ~9k miles

My clutch pedal froze to the floor recently. And after only 45k since my last clutch change to boot. I was pissed and assumed before I looked that the wire 2 piece collar broke, so I bought this bad boy before I attempted my first clutch job on my WRX. In the end the clutch had lots of life left, the stock collar was fine and the TOB exploded because of a little rubber cover on the engine down to the right of the turbo when looking from the front of the car that fell off over two years ago (found it in driveway and had no idea what it was at the time.) It being missing allowed road grime/moisture/oxidation to build up in the tranny bellhousing which contaminated the TOB and it bit the dust by separating and throwing bearings all over.
Instructions when the time came to install this were clear, and the collar popped right in like it was meant to be. The fact that the stock collar can be pulled out by hand, but this one needs a chunky Flathead screwdriver to be removed is reassuring.
>tldr the collar fits great, seems 100x more sturdy than stock collar, and frequently check to make sure your suby still has part number 11413AA033 in place

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