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ACT Perf Street Sprung Replacement Disc Only Subaru Legacy GT 2005-2009-

ACT Perf Street Sprung Replacement Disc Only Subaru Legacy GT 2005-2009

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ACT Perf Street Sprung Replacement Disc Only for the Subaru Legacy GT are designed for smooth engagement, quiet operation and improved durability using only the best organic, spring center designs. The marcel of the disc has been modified to enable quicker action. These discs use special performance linings designed to withstand high heat and abuse. ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plates provide increased torque capacity, durability, and extended clutch life. ACT engineers a stronger diaphragm that are heat-treated using an exclusive 3-stage process and the release bearing contact area is hardened to reduce wear. Advanced Clutch Technology still contends that nothing can beat a good quality organic disc for street use. Increased Torque Capacity, Durability, & Extended Clutch Life Designed for Smooth Engagement & Quiet Operation. Pressure & Release Travel in the Optimum Working Range. Able to Withstand High Heat & Abuse. 90 Day Warranty. Installation: Direct replacement. Installation is performed exactly like the installation of a stock clutch.

Disc only also fits 2005 and up Subaru legacy GT