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AEM Water/Methanol Flow 0-1000CC Gauge - Universal-

AEM Water/Methanol Flow 0-1000CC Gauge - Universal

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If you are using a Water/Methanol Injection System and want to know exactly how much fluid you are actually injecting into your engine, the AEM Water/Methanol Flow Gauge is a must. It replaces the "dummy light" with actual data displayed on a smooth moving needle-type gauge that allows you to accurately monitor the status of your injection system in real time. The AEM Water/Methanol Flow Gauge comes with black and silver bezels and white and black faceplates for multiple color combinations.

The gauge kit includes a precision flow sensor and fittings for use with 1/4in OD nylon tubing, so the AEM Water/Methanol Flow Gauge fits most Water/Methanol injection kits on the market today.

For best results the 0-1000CC Flow Gauge (AEM part# 30-5142) should be used on Water/Methanol kits injecting up at least 500 cc/min and is ideal for those with the AEM Water/Methanol kit using the large sized nozzle (.630 jet size). If you are using the small or medium AEM nozzles, we suggest the 0-500CC Flow Gauge (AEM part# 30-5141).

Part Number: 30-5142B

This item is non application specific. Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.