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Agency Power Silicone Radiator Hose Kit 2005-2010 Scion TC

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SKU: AP-SCTC-151-01


Adding function and style to the Scion TC is not a difficult task. But getting the correct components made for the car is. Agency Power has just released their 2 piece silicone radiator hose kit for the all new Scion TC. These silicone radiator hoses are designed to add powerful style to your engine bay in blue, red, or black. In addition the 5 ply silicone hose is much more durable then your factory rubber hose and will last the life of your car. Factory rubber hose crack and deteriorate over time. In addition, all Agency Power silicone hoses include new hose clamps for a secure and easy fit instead of the factory clamps. Hoses work with factory or aftermarket radiators.

Specify black, blue, or red when ordering.

Part Number: AP-SCTC-151