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Agency Power Titanium Exhaust 2009-2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo-

Agency Power Titanium Exhaust 2009-2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo

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Agency Power's Titanium Exhaust System is based off of our tested and proven stainless system we developed in 2011. Like any turbo charged vehicle, the Panamera, even though a luxury sedan, can benefit from reducing the restrictiveness that the stock exhaust has. The exhaust now titanium, gives the Panamera Turbo a distinct sound as you go through the revs. However under cruising conditions, the titanium's higher pitch sound makes highway driving comfortable. Because these exhausts are made of ultra lightweight titanium, you are saving tremendous weight from front to back of the vehicle. The quad style tips exit out the rear valance giving it a finely tuned assertiveness that this Panamera means business. This exhaust as tested will give you more power through the already amazing powerband. In addition to the weight loss, you will notice better power to weight ratio, which makes your car that much quicker off the line.

Not only is the Agency Power titanium system light, but it greatly improves the exhaust flow and helps to prevents heat soak. The larger piping paired with the 1mm walls are the perfect combination for more power, a race car sound, and weight savings.

The system includes titanium tips, as shown.


  • 60mm Pipe Inner Diameter
  • 76mm Tips
  • Weighs only 14lbs

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