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Agency Power Titanium Exhaust System 2001-2005 Porsche 996 Turbo-

Agency Power Titanium Exhaust System 2001-2005 Porsche 996 Turbo

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When combining a performance exhaust and ECU flash to a 996 Turbo, you gain nearly 100 horsepower to the wheels! Agency Power's new Titanium Exhaust Systems are made of rare ultra lightweight titanium and further add to that performance. Saving nearly 40lbs off the rear end of the vehicle, the titanium construction gives the 996 Turbo a higher pitch more GT3 race sound then other stainless steel exhausts. With this exhaust you will see your horsepower and torque curves change because of the reduction in restriction from the stock exhaust system. The X design helps with giving very modular throttle response to feel the car boost up instantly no matter what RPM or gear you are in. Not only will this exhaust give you more power through the already amazing powerband, but because it weighs so much less then the factory exhaust, you will get a better power to weight ratio, which makes your car that much faster. Shaving weight is the number one way to increase your cars handling, off the line acceleration, and stopping length.

Not only is the Agency Power titanium system light, but it greatly improves the exhaust flow and helps to prevents heat soak. There is a reason Titanium is so highly used in Motorsports, Technology, and Aero Space programs. Why should they have all the fun? The larger piping paired with the 1mm walls are the perfect combination for more power, a race car sound, and weight savings.

The system includes titanium tips, as shown.


  • 65mm Muffler Inner Diameter
  • 74mm Catalytic Converter Inner Diameter
  • 70mm Tips and 82mm Staggered Tips
  • Weighs only 21lbs, thats a weight saves of 46lbs over the stock 67lb exhaust!

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