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Agency Power Titanium Exhaust System 2006-2012 Audi R8

Regular price $3,500.00
SKU: AP-R8V8-178


Agency Power's Titanium Exhaust System for the Audi R8 is made 100% of lightweight titanium. The titanium construction will give your R8 an very distinct race sound that simply cannot be replicated by others. Not only will this exhaust give you more power through the already amazing powerband, but because of the Titanium material used, it will save you a large amount of weight off the rear end of the vehicle. This will give you a better power to weight ratio, which makes your car that much quicker in handling, off the line acceleration, and stopping distance.

Not only is the Agency Power titanium system light, but it greatly improves the exhaust flow and helps to prevents heat soak. The larger piping paired with the 1mm walls are the perfect combination for more power, a race car sound, and weight savings.

The system includes titanium tips, as shown.


  • 70mm Muffler Inner Diameter
  • 60mm Connecting Pipe Inner Diameter
  • 76mm Tips
  • Weighs only 21lbs, thats an incredible weight savings of 46lbs over the stock 67lb exhaust!

    All Agency Power products come with a LIMITED LIFETIME warranty when you fill out this form HERE.