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AMR Silver Top-Mount Intercooler 2008-2014 Subaru STi

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The AMR Top Mount Intercooler (TMIC) puts the stock intercooler to shame. The AMR TMIC is designed to cool down the air charge to the engine which in turn gives the vehicle better response, more torque and more power. The AMR TMIC has been tested at over 30+ psi. The intercooler is upgraded with a 3in outlet rather than the 2.5in that comes standard on others. The larger outlet allows more room for air to travel out of the core into the engine. With upgraded turbochargers the upper coolant line usually hits the intercoolers, AMR has modified an inverted lip on the end tank to compensate for that. They also beefed up the material used on the flanges, making them practically unbendable. All flanges are made from 6061 aluminum.