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ATP 700HP Stock Location GTX3582R Turbo Kit Mitsubishi EVO 4-9

Regular price $2,499.00


100% stock location GTX3582R turbo kit for the Lancer Evolution 4 through Evo 8/9. Full twin-scroll, twin flapper internal wastegate, dual ball bearing turbo. 700HP with instant spoolup.

Every kit shipped includes these following accessories in addition to the ready to install turbo:

  • Steel braided oil feed line assembly with banjo at the turbo and at the cylinder head
  • Oil drain gasket and bolts to attach to stock oil drain tube to the turbo
  • Banjo bolt and crush washers to attach to stock rear coolant pipe
  • Steel braided coolant feed line assembly on front of turbo
  • (4) 10mm studs and nuts for turbo to manifold
  • (5) 10mm studs and nuts for turbo to 02 housing
  • 2.5" compressor discharge elbow (replaces the stock 1.75" J-pipe and rubber hose)