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ATP Lower Downpipe Mazdaspeed3 2007-2013

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SKU: ATP-MS3-010


Gaining better throttle response and more power throughout the RPM range is a bolt on away with ATP's downpipe and race pipe. Each pipe is constructed of 3in mandrel bent stainless steel piping. The downpipe features a flex section to avoid any cracking and removes the main catalytic converter from the system. If you choose to use the race pipe along side the downpipe you will remove the secondary cat as well for a completely catless system.

You can also use each separately if you are looking to only remove one catalytic converter and want added gains without completely going catless. This system will bolt right up to your stock catback system or any after system that remains in the stock location and will provide serious gains in horsepower and torque over the stock unit.

Part Number: ATP-MS3-010