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AVO Flex Joint Up Pipe Subaru WRX / STI / Forester XT / Legacy GT / Outback XT 2002-2019

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The AVO Up-Pipe incorporates a flex-joint similar to the OEM part, ensuring a tight fit and relieving stress on other components.

Stock uppipes in most turbocharged Subaru models have a fairly restrictive catalytic converter, which has been known to fail, taking out the turbocharger with it. The AVO uppipe deletes the catalytic converter, which makes it legal only for off-road and race use only. Removing the catalytic converter here still leaves two cats in place within your downpipe. Removing this cat decreases spool time and increases performance! This high quality product also comes with mounting studs and a bung for the sensor.

This uppipe fits:
VF22 through VF34 series 3-bolt flange turbochargers
TD04/5 3 bolt flange turbochargers.

Applied Models:

Impreza WRX: 2002-2014
Impreza WRX STI: 2004-2018
Legacy GT: 2005-2009 [2.5-liter turbocharged]
Legacy Outback XT: 2005-2009 [2.5-liter turbocharged]
Forester 2.5XT: 2003-2013 [2.5-liter turbocharged]