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AVO High Flow Panel Air Filter 05-09 Legacy GT/Outback XT / 2008-2014 WRX

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The AVO high-flow pop-in panel air filter has been designed specifically for the Subaru models. Made from sturdy cotton fiber, it increases air flow, allowing the engine to make more power and torque. Yet thanks to a special dry film it has equal rates of engine protection. This dry film design does not use oil, like most other performance filters, which keeps your MAF from being damaged from excess oil. Thanks to it's high-tech design the AVO panel air filter is washable, extending the life beyond your standard drop-in air filter. You simply need to soak it in warm, soapy water, rinse it out with water, then let it air dry.


  • Impreza WRX 5-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Impreza WRX 4-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Impreza 2.5i: 2002-2007 [2.0-liter naturally aspirated]


  • Impreza 2.5i 5-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter naturally aspirated]


  • Impreza 2.5i 4-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter naturally aspirated]


  • Impreza WRX STI 5-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Legacy GT sedan: 2005-2006 [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Legacy GT wagon: 2005-2006 [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Legacy Spec B: 2005-2006 [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Legacy GT sedan: 2007-2009 [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Legacy GT wagon: 2007-2009 [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Legacy Spec B: 2007-2009 [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Legacy Outback: 2005-2006 [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Legacy Outback: 2007-2009 [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Forester 2.5XT: 2003-2008 [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Forester 2.5X: 2003-2008 [2.5-liter naturally aspirated]


  • Forester 2.5XT: 2009+ [2.5-liter turbocharged]


  • Forester 2.5X: 2009+ [2.5-liter naturally aspirated]

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