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AVO Intake Manifold TGV Delete Top Feed 02+ WRX / 07+ STI / Legacy GT / Outback XT

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Many American Subaru models come with TGV (Tumble Generator Valves) to improve start-up emissions. However, they cut available air flow through the intake manifold by up to 50%, reducing overall efficiency, and reducing the amount of air larger turbo upgrades can flow through the system.

The AVO TGV Delete is a direct replacements for the entire standard TGV assembly. Not only does it remove the Tumble Generator Valve, it’s also been designed to give more space for larger turbochargers. We have given then more space where they fit next to the turbocharger, which allows for larger turbochargers and larger inlet pipes to the turbocharger.

The AVO TGV deletes come with the following equipment:

Right and Left side TGV assemblies.
New upper gaskets
New lower gaskets

Applied Models:

Applied Models:

2002-2014 Impreza WRX
2007+ Legacy GT and Outback XT models
2007-2015 Impreza STI

Requires minor slotting to fit to the USDM STI 2.5-liter motor and 08+ Legacy GT.

08+ STI requires no slotting, but needs a fuel rail kit.