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Beatrush Forged Pitch Stop Subaru WRX / STI 2002-2020 Subaru Turbo Models

Beatrush Forged Pitch Stop Subaru WRX / STI 2002-2020 Subaru Turbo Models

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With year of experience in motor sports, Laile; which manufactures, brands, and operates Beatrush; has collected sufficient data information on the tracks of Japan to produce high quality and functional products. Located in Yokohama, Japan; Laile manufactures most of their product's brands like Beatrush and Arpsports with their high precision machinery. All the unique products developed by Laile offers superior safety and plenty of pleasure both in track and the street, as well to look at.

Fits all 2002-up Subaru WRX and WRX-STI.

    Light Weight, Strong, and Rigid.
  • Made of FORGED 7075 aluminum alloy with urethane pillow ball bushing.
  • 250g lighter than stock.
  • Traction is greatly improved due to the significant reduction of front-to-back movements while the engine is under on/off throttle conditions; furthermore, it improves shifter feel and on/off throttle response.
  • Track tested for functionality by Beatrush of Japan.
Part Number: S146010BC-AD


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beautiful and functional

I installed the pitch stop on my 04 STi in addition to the Beatrush transmission mount and motor mounts. As a whole, the system greatly increased throttle response and gave a more solid feel to the car overall. NVH is slightly increased, however, that will be the case with any upgrade to motor and trans mounts. In my opinion, this was definitely one of my favorite upgrades. Plus it adds a nice bit of gold JDM blingy goodness to the engine bay!

Beatrush forged pitch stop

I absolutely love this pitch stop. I added it with the perrin firewall brace kit on my 2017 sti and could not be happier. I also have a beatrush transmission mount. This pitch stop helped reduce some of the shutter that sometimes happens in hard accelerating and between shifting gears. pair it with the transmission mount and it makes it a awesome driving experience with little to no difference in NHV

beautilful JDM goodness!!!

Couldn't pass this up! I installed this along with Beatrush motor mounts! This pitch stop is huge and gold and awesome! Dwarfs the OEM pitch stop!