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Beatrush Heavy Duty Transmission Mount Subaru STI 2004-2020

Beatrush Heavy Duty Transmission Mount Subaru STI 2004-2020

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With year of experience in motor sports, Laile; which manufactures, brands, and operates Beatrush; has collected sufficient data information on the tracks of Japan to produce high quality and functional products. Located in Yokohama, Japan; Laile manufactures most of their product's brands like Beatrush and Arpsports with their high precision machinery. All the unique products developed by Laile offers superior safety and plenty of pleasure both in track and the street, as well to look at.

Soft enough to absorb vibrations in the driveline/ chassis, yet strong enough to endure racing use.

Provides greater torque control than stock mount.

It can better maintain proper drive shaft angle during race use than stock, to help prevent early wear and unexpected power train damage!

Fits 04+ STI (GDB)

Part Number: S146016BC-B


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great upgrade!

Made this upgrade with the engine mounts too and the difference is huge! solid feel, no more missed shifts! Recommended!

Worthwhile upgrade

I installed this transmission mount on my 04 STi in addition to the Beatrush motor mounts and pitch stop mount. As a whole, the system greatly increased throttle response and gave a more solid feel to the car overall. NVH is slightly increased, however, that will be the case with any upgrade to motor and trans mounts. In my opinion, this was definitely one of my favorite upgrades.

Great Product

Installed the mount on my 2016 STI noticed that it is much more stiffer with less play which feels much more nice than the stock one. Easy installation with jack stands and about an hour and half of time.

Beatrush Trans mount

I recently installed the mount on my 2017 STI. I did have a Group N trans mount on my 2016 WRX for comparison. The Beatrush mount is much firmer and there is definitely much more gear and drivetrain noise then that of the Group N mount. Its not unbearable. I enjoy the extra sounds. The only sounds you get is more gear whine in first, second, and going into third. after that cruising and 4-6 gear are not noisy whatsoever. I like this mount more because the shifting and drive train have even less play then the Group N mount.