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Blouch 18G-XT Turbocharger Subaru WRX 2002-2007 / STI 2004-2019

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The Blouch 18G-XT is a proven performer utilizing the latest in billet compressor aerodynamics combined with genuine Mitsubishi journal bearing technology.

Here's the skinny: 1. Custom Blouch Turbo compressor housing with improved fitment and custom CNC machined at Blouch Turbo for the new 18G-XT aero; 2.closed die forged fully machined billet 18G-XT compressor wheel that is lighter yet stronger with greater flow rate; 3. genuine Mitsubishi center housing with all genuine Mitsubishi parts; 4. Mitsubishi TD05H turbine wheel; 5. options of 7cm2, 8cm2 or 10cm2 turbine housings tailored to your application; 6. option of 3" bell mouth inlet compressor housing; 7. upgrade actuator option and 8. complete drain tube/coolant line package with gaskets for a complete bolt-on package.

So what's the big deal? The 18G-XT spools very quickly, produces great mid-range torque and excellent top end power for its size. If 430 crank horsepower is your goal, this turbo is for you!

Application: Subaru WRX/STi
Horsepower: 430HP


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I installed this turbo along with all the necessary bolt ons for my 2002 wrx. I came from a vf48 turbo and this blouch 18g spools just as fast and holds boost all the way to redline. This is a great turbo for a 2.0L wrx motor without adding too much lag. I am conservatively tuned at 21 psi making 350whp