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Coolingmist CMGS Fail Safe Diesel EGT Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal

Coolingmist CMGS Fail Safe Diesel EGT Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal

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Our CMGSFS Diesel EGT integrates a full function flow sensor based failsafe and flow display into a progressive water and methanol injection kit. This system can inject based on bonly boost, boost and EGT or only EGT. PDF INSTRUCTIONS
Please read as we detail about our design and how the kit works.

We had 4 things in mind for the CMGS-FS Diesel EGT:


CMGS is simple, effective and a very clean install. When considering systems on the market to see the advantage of the CMGS is simple. CMGS is setup by default to display boost and inject based on boost, setting up EGT is simple, just navigate through the menus. Competing systems on the market would make you buy a progressive controller (typically about 3.5 inches X 3.5 inches). you would need to buy the failsafe module (typically about 4 X 3 inches), you would need to buy a 52 MM flow gauge and finally if you want a boost gauge you would need to buy that. The CMGS-FS combines all 4 into 1 neat package. If you love your boost gauge and dont need another, you can configure the CMGS to display pump dutycycle or voltage instead of the boost. In addition to all of that the CMGS can inject based on just boost, just MAF or boost and MAF at the same time. other progressive controllers give the option of one or the other. By default the CMGS will display boost and inject based on boost. how simple is it? Just a few wires and your boost line over the boost port and your ready to go. This video shows how simple and precise the CMGS is to get started. Just install, set the MIN/MAX and your all set.


We made certain the CMGS has a number of adjustable params. This makes the All-in-one CMGS more flexible. For injection you can inject based on just boost (default), boost and EGT or just EGT. The curve can be adjusted as well as the failsafe windows. In the video below we configured the CMGS to inject based on boost and EGT and set a multiplier so you can see the EGT value rather than voltage.


We will not compromise on quality. The CMGS is all CNC machined, the pump is our 250 psi pump, our new high pressure hose and other upgrades are included. click on IMAGES under the product picture above to see close ups of the CMGS to see the detail and quality


With all of the features and performance of this system, the included filter, flow sensor, fluid level switch, multiple injectors and fluid control device the value compared to our competitors will be obvious.

FAILSAFE Configuration options:

  • 1) Flow window. You can set the low and high flow.
  • 2) you set the threshold of boost, voltage or dutycycle.
  • 3) you set the AUX wire as Normally Closed or Normally Open.

    If the system theshold has been met and you are not within the flow window your failsafe will trip. If your low level sensor is installed and you are low on fluid it will trip as well. As well as your failsafe tripping, the CMGS gauge will give you an error code telling what the problem is. No more guessing as to what the problem is, like with other failsafes on the market.


  • "000" Fluid level is low.
  • "001" Flow has dropped below the MIN flow threshold.

  • "002" Flow is greater than the MAX flow threshold.

    You can set the flow threshold from 100 to 2500 CC/M on the low and high.
    Boost threshold can be set from 1 to 30 PSI
    Voltage from 0 to 5 Volts (or the multiplied value)
    Dutycycle from 1 to 100 %.

    The low level fluid switch will activate the fault input when you are low on fluid. If the fault input activates, the failsafe will also trip. You can connect any third part device to this input as well to trip the failsafe.


    If you want to set the failsafe up, its simple. Far easier than any other kit on the market.

This item is non application specific. Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.


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