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Coolingmist CMGS PRO Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal

Coolingmist CMGS PRO Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal

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Pump mounts in the tank, controller mounts in any 2 and 1/16 inch gauge pod (52 mm)!

. The CMGS Pro series is our all new system for the customer that wants a high capacity tank, All digital controller and the cleanest install available. choose this option if you want the gauge controller version. You install the gauge in your dash and the tank/pump will be integrated into the trunk. The all new 2 plus gallon tank has a unique design. The slope of the tank gravity feeds the pump which is install in the tank. Due to the the shape, no baffles are needed. Sloshing will not cause air in the lines.

Gone are the need for straps, brackets and other parts. The tank has a built in side rail on each side, just use the included sheet metal screws to fasten the tank down.

This kit is easy to assemble yourself using the instructions. Please note, the instructions show the vc2 installed on the tank, for the CMGS version, you will install the pump and wiring, but the CMGS will install in your dash as a standard gauge. PDF just right click and save as, if you wish, we can assemble it for an additional charge prior to shipping.


  • CMGS progressive controller
  • Inject using optional boost hose OR map sensor
  • tee (if using boost hose)
  • Checkvalve and fittings
  • CM Pro Series 2 plus gallon trunkmount tank
  • CM high pressure 200-250 psi pump
  • Choice of CM5, CM7 or CM10 injector (or choose HP range)

  • All fittings,wiring, hose necessary to assemble and use the kit