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Coolingmist Stage 1 Trunkmount Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal-

Coolingmist Stage 1 Trunkmount Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal

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SKU: COL-250PSIStandardTM


This is our high pressure standard water injection methanol injection trunkmount kit with high pressure recirculation pump . Choose the injector size from the drop down box or if you dont know, choose your power level and will get you the right one. Atomization is unbelieveable. There is no pulsing in this this pump as it has a bypass instead of a demand pump. In otherwords, you get consistent flow without the pulsing that some pumps on the market have.

Our 1.5 gallon trunkmount tank is convenient the pump fits inside the tank making things very easy to install and compact. Our new solenoid with built in fittings as well as our super atomizing injector are standard with this kit.

Included are all brackets for the tank. NO STRAPS needed. The aluminum die cut brackets screw into the side of the tank and then to the floor.,solenoid, super atomizing injector, new semi-clear high pressure nylon hose and all else that is needed.

The boost switch is adjustable between 1-25 PSI. Once you go beyond 25 PSI the system remains on.