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Coolingmist Stage 1 Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal-Import Image Racing

Coolingmist Stage 1 Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal

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SKU: COL-cmstage1


The all new Coolingmist Stage 1 water methanol injection kit with our high pressure 200 to 250 psi Recirculation pump (the same pump all of our kits have). Choose the injector size from the drop down box or if you dont know, choose your power level and will get you the right one. It is designed to be simple, robust and reliable. This kit is designed to use your own tank, alot of customers use a windshield washer fluid tank. We include a fitting for your tank. Injection is simple, a boost switch turns on the pump when your boost level goes past your boost setting. A boost switch that is adjustable from 1-25 psi is included. This kit is for all turbo vehicles making upto 50 lbs boost.