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Coolingmist Vari-Cool II Pro Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal-Import Image Racing

Coolingmist Vari-Cool II Pro Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal

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Pump mounts in the tank, controller mounts on the tank, all wiring stays inside!

. The VC2 Pro series is our all new system for the customer that wants a high capacity tank, All digital controller and the cleanest install available. The all new 2 plus gallon tank has a unique design. The slope of the tank gravity feeds the pump which is install in the tank. Due to the the shape, no baffles are needed. Sloshing will not cause air in the lines. In addition to these great features, the VC2 controller is mounted inside the tank along with all of the wiring. This makes for the easiest install on the market. when you want to remove the entire system, unplug the fluid line, boost line, power and ground.

Gone are the need for straps, brackets and other parts. The tank has a built in side rail on each side, just use the included sheet metal screws to fasten the tank down.