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CP 87.0mm Bore 9:6 Compression Pistons & Rings Honda S2000 2000-2009

CP 87.0mm Bore 9:6 Compression Pistons & Rings Honda S2000 2000-2009

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When building your bottom end of your Honda S2000, you need a quality piston that can handle boost and maximum horsepower. CP forged pistons feature superb ring seal, higher vacuum, lower blow-by, greater durability and increased horsepower and torque through the power band. Better yet, peak horsepower is retained through the life of the piston rings. This is achieved by lightweight forgings and CP's exclusive machining techniques and processes. CP's commitment to racing is reflected in every piston they produce.

CP offers optional coatings to enhance the effectiveness of your pistons. The top coating is designed to reflect heat into the combustion chamber, thereby increasing exhaust gas velocity and greatly improving scavenging potential. The skirt coating offers additional lubricant in times of extreme heat or heavy wear situations. The coating is designed to reduce friction on the skirt by providing a buffer to the cylinder. Coating options are applied to the entire set and add 4-6 weeks to the order time.


  • Bore: 3.425(87.0mm)
  • Comp Ratio: 9.0:1
  • Size: STD
  • Comp Height: 1.131


  • High strength aluminum forging
  • Lightweight design
  • CNC machined to 1 gram
  • Wrist pins and rings included
  • Accumulator groove included
  • Double pin oilers
  • Prices listed are for a full set of four (4) pistons