Drunkmann Tuning Custom Tuned Open Source Map 2002-2005 WRX / EJ205 Swaps w/ Simple Bolt-On Mods

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Part #: DRK-TUNE-EJ205-01

This is for 2002-2005 Subaru WRX and Saab 9-2x aero applications. The price includes unlimited reflashes, revisions, removal of CELs, and customer support required to tune to my strict specification and standard that is unsurpassed by any.

The entire map is custom built to suit your vehicle’s needs. The car will get massive increases in power, drivability, MPG, and most importantly reliability. The tune will re-calibrate/optimize almost ALL properties within the stock ECU. It will be optimized with completely custom built Ignition/Fuel/ maps and everything down to the idle and pesky CELs are dealt with.

These maps are built for your application and not cookie cutter. Feel free to contact me after your purchase and we can go over all your modifications, fuels used, and wishes to customize a map to meet your exact goals.

This tune is for any stock EJ205 with stock injectors, stock turbo, stock diameter intake or cold-air intake tuned using the factory MAF (mass air-flow sensor). Other than what is listed above almost ANY bolt-on is okay with exception to alternate fuels (Methanol). OEM or Modified OEM Injector Upgrades (STi Pinks, Dark Blue 565cc etc) are FREE!!

The IHI VF series turbo is a wildly popular option because of this it is only a $50 dollar option!

The creation and return of modified maps come with my famous “no later than 48 hour” guarantee; when the map is sent between Tuesdays at 9am-Saturday before 1pm.

  • For IHI VF series on stock EJ205s please select VF series turbo option (+$50).
  • For hybrid motors, built motors, cams/headwork, EJ207 swaps, Big MAF, large injectors, upgraded turbos, or similar please add “Advance Application.” (+100)
  • Widebands o2 sensors “may” be required on more complicated applications, but not for most. After over a thousand Subarus I can guess within proximate accuracy the AFR by other sensor feedback.
  • All relevant information, instructions, profiles etc will be provided to make the e-tuning process as easy as possible.
  • This is an open source tune. It IS NOT a Cobb Accessport Etune.
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