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Ferodo DS2500 Front Brake Pads 2002 Subaru WRX

Brake Pads

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Subaru WRX 2002 only

Subaru 2.5 RS 1999-2001

Ferodo's DS2500 racing brake pads represent a new generation of friction material that's low in compressibility, ensuring a firm pedal while providing great disc and pad life.

These pads were developed with characteristics that make them perfect for track days, including a consistent coefficient of friction (0.50) at any temperature, providing very predictable braking and great pedal modulation. Combined with low wheel dusting and good noise characteristics, this product is the brake pad for the driver who needs the track-day braking performance out of a pad they can drive on the street.

Fits most 02 WRX's. Build date cut-off is 6/2002. Please ensure the pad shape matches what is on your vehicle prior to ordering. Subaru changed pad shape in the middle of the production year which makes it difficult to determine correct pads without pulling one of your current ones off and verifying it matches with the pictures on the website.

Ferodo DS2500 Front Brake Pads 2002 Subaru WRX
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