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Grimmspeed 44mm EWG Up Pipe w/ Tial 44mm Wastegate 2 Bolt WRX / STI / Legacy GT / Forester XT

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SKU: 013001-TIAL-MVR.P


An external wastegate is superior to any internal wastegate setup and will hold boost rock solid. External wastegates allow for quicker spool because they do not cause turbulence in the exhaust stream and also give better boost control. Typically an external wastegate setup can free up 10-40hp depending on your setup. The uppipe uses 14 layer 304 stainless steel and a triple layer flex section for a seriously durable setup. The uppipe comes with a high temperature ceramic coating option as well to keep heat at a minimum. This is hands down the most heavy duty and highest quality kit on the market and includes everything needed.

  • Notes:
  • This product requires you to weld your internal wastegate bracket OR use a GrimmSpeed internal wastegate bracket.
  • Does NOT fit the FA20 engines.


  • Grimmspeed 44mm EWG Pipes 2 Bolt w/ Dump Tube $350 Unocated / $390 Coated
  • Grimmspeed Bracket - Optional $39
  • Tial 44mm Wastegate $365
  • Grimmspeed Coating - Optional $40


2002-2014 WRX
2004-2019 STI
2004-2006 Baja Turbo
2004-2013 Forester XT
2005-2009 Legacy GT
2005-2009 Outback XT


Customer Reviews

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It screeeeeeeeeeams

I've never driven a car with an EWG before so this makes me giggle like an idiot every time I hit boost.
Boost control is very, very accurate, and the turbo spools a little sooner as well.
I went with Grimmspeed's internal wastegate bracket to keep the stock wastegate shut. I ran into a small issue here, because the stock wastegate arm (2017 STI) has a hole that the stock wastegate actuator attached to. However, the Grimmspeed wastegate bracket had a hole as well, so I had to run to the hardware store and get a nut and bolt to go through the two. Not a big deal but just a heads up.
I chose not to buy the ceramic coating because my engine will not see sustained, heavy use, like on a track.
Overall I would definitely recommend this up-pipe and EWG combo kit - your turbo will spool sooner and boost will be controlled more accurately all-the-while making screaming noises that will leave a big smile on your face as well as break necks.