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Group N Transmission Mount Subaru WRX 2002-2018

Group N Transmission Mount Subaru WRX 2002-2018

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The Subaru Group N engine and transmission mounts are a great way improve the overall driving experience of your Subaru WRX. The stock WRX mounts are made of a softer material which can make spirited driving feel vague and sloppy. The Subaru Group N Mounts utilize a higher durometer polyurethane, which will firm up the driveline and add a more crisp and accurate shift feel without significantly increasing noise, vibration or harshness. An excellent supporting modification to consider when pulling your motor or transmission for internal work.

Warranty Disclaimer:Subaru of America will only warranty parts installed on a car that has a matching VIN to that part.


Customer Reviews

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Had this on my 2014 STI and now my 2019 WRX. A little more NVH but I like the feedback. Just right.

Great product , a must have simple mod

This is by far the best mod I've done so far. You can really feel the strength of it. It's so much stronger and sturdier than the OEM product. Every shift feels crisp and solid. There are some downfalls to this item...none of which are negative to me. But you can hear the transmission whine more..which is normal. There's just no rubber to dampen the sound like OEM. Shifts are a bit louder..which is fine. This is a build car and to me I want it loud. There are no negatives regarding function. But if you want a quiet ride. Then you should keep the OEM mount .

Great bang for the buck

Oem quality, firmer mount but not abusive. Easily manageable for daily driving and limiting nvh.


Easy to install and provided a massive improvement in shift feel and overall feel. A little more noise in the cabin, but I actually like it.

Solid upgrade!!! ...literally! (2002 WRX)

Prior to installing this part, sometimes I experienced horrible lurching on low rpm starts in first gear. This part has just about eliminated that completely. The shifting power is now focused and the rubber band effect has ceased.!
Initially I was only trying to replace my shift linkage in which the bushings finally disintegrated, but after realizing what needed to be removed to change the linkage, I ended up replacing the linkage (TIC), the front and rear stay bushings, the cross-member bushings (Whiteline), and finally the transmission mount (N Group). I also had to remove one damaged and one corroded stud from the turbo and ended up replacing all of the related exhaust hardware.
I highly recommend changing everything mentioned, if you are down there for any of those parts...or clutch/drive shaft/tranny work.