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Invidia N1 Turboback Exhaust Subaru WRX / STI 2002-2007

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You can't go wrong with an Invidia exhaust. They offer a high quality product, at affordable prices. The addition of a catback exhaust will wake up your WRX/STi, and is a great way to start modifying your car. Invidia gives you three different exhausts to choose from, so you bound to find one that suits your taste.

The G200 Titanium catback features 3in" stainless steel piping, 5 titanium tip, resonator, and flex section. This exhaust also sports the very popular burnt tip, which looks like it is still hot to the touch! Included with all three Invidia exhaust systems is a gasket, hardware, and a removable silencer for those times you want to stay under the radar.

The Racing and Regular systems feature 3in" stainless steel piping, and 4 tips. They both utilize the same N1in" style muffler, and the major difference between the two is the midpipe. The Regular catback has a resonator, and flex section while the Racing midpipe is a straight though with no restrictions for optimal flow.

Comes with non polished downpipe and N1 Catback Exhaust

fits 02-07 wrx and 04-07 sti

Part Numbers: HS02SW1GTP, HS02SW1DPN


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Can't beat this especially for this price

The title says all you need to know. But here's the rest. The fit and finish is excellent, the quality is very high, easy installation at all the factory pick up points and the performance is great. Sound is great, look is great!

In my case I wanted high performance exhaust without being excessively loud, Invidia muffler has a removable silencer which makes it almost as quiet as stock when installed. Only thing I recommend before starting is to get a stainless steel lockwasher to put under the nut used to hold the silencer in the pipe (I guess it would rattle loose if you didn't?).