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Invidia Q300 Quad Tip Cat Back Exhaust Subaru Legacy GT 2005-2009 / Outback XT 2005-2009

Invidia Q300 Quad Tip Cat Back Exhaust Subaru Legacy GT 2005-2009 / Outback XT 2005-2009

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Are you looking for a high quality exhaust at an affordable price? Look no further! For a good balance of price and performance, Invidia offers the motorsports enthusiasts a strong line-up. is pleased to be an Invidia authorized dealer and offer their exhaust line to you.The flat bottom shaped muffler design results in improved high speed aerodynamic performance. The muffler inside contains continuous piping design and use of Advantex material that results in an excellent free-flow exhaust with optimized back pressure, giving greater horsepower, torque gains and a rich deep sporty sound. The use of SUS304 polished stainless steel piping, Mandrel bent to shape, state of the art CNC machine made flange, Robot TIG welding and double wall polished stainless steel tips, provides outstanding durability and appearance.

Piping Dia.:76/60mm
Tips Dia.:60mm

Item No.:HS05SL1GT3

Sound clip from our customer's car

Fitment note: If installing this exhaust on the 2005-2009 Outback XT, you must cut the rear bumper for proper fitment.


Customer Reviews

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The best sound

Wonderful exhaust. Have turbo back invidia set up with catted downpipe and q300. It’s not to loud at ALL. When you want it to be heard, you can be. When you’re driving like you should be, you barely know it’s there. Great fitment, 0 issues and the best customer support from Import image racing! Shout out to Mason for all of your help!

Thanks so much Benjamin! We are so happy you are enjoying your products, I've relayed the message to Mason, he says thanks :) Josh

Got package fairly quick, no complaints on shipping or packaging. Although it didn’t fit my spec b, had to do some welding. Not sure if I was sent wrong exhaust or not. Overall very happy with it once I got it fitted

Hi Logan, this should bolt right on to your spec b, the only difference really is the 6 speed sti trans if that is the applicable model. from there the exhaust is the same. If there was an issue we'd be happy to work with invidia and take care of it, give us a shout next time so we can work for you before welding :)

As for IIR, this order went smoothly, and without any problems!

As for the Q300... Well I wish I could say the same.

First, there is no documentation or packing list. While this is fairly straight forward, it would be nice to have something that mentions the best way to install it. After a bit of contemplation I started from the back and worked towards the downpipe

Second, there's no mention anywhere that you need an adapter if you have a regular downpipe. So after pulling the factory exhaust, and getting pretty much everything in, I discovered I had to go and get a Grimmspeed adapter. Fortunately I was able to get to my local Subaru performance shop before they closed for the weekend. Or I would have had to pull everything and put the stock exhaust back on.

Third, the fitment is not that great. I've had the car back up, and tried to mess with getting the tips on both sides to fit equally in the openings, but the driverside is about an eighth of an inch from the bumper, and the passenger side is perfect. Looking at other installs and I see some hang down, and some are perfect. After mentioning fitment issues on a Legacy forum, it's suggested to rotate the midpipe, but with the adapter in there, the whole system is very tight and it's difficult to rotate the midpipe. I can see how messing with the downpipe and the hangers will get the tips to the same height, but I don't see how the drivers side can be pushed away from the opening. Also, the resonator section, of the midpipe, is almost up against the heat shield in the middle of the car. I'm wondering if I'm going to have to keep inspecting it to see if it's rubbing up against the heat shield.

Fourth, the sound. It's a bit loud when first installed, but after a bit of carbon builds up, it mellows. It's also suggested that if it's too loud, you can get motorcycle exhaust baffles that insert into the tips to help quiet it down.

So, minus two stars for no docs, extra parts needed, and fitment.

Great for the price

Gives a good Subaru rumble and goes on without welds. You may need an adapter however, depending on what kind of downpipe you have.

Balanced Exhaust

This catback exhaust is balanced not too loud or quiet. Little subtle increase in performance, and install isn't too bad can be easier if you have the right tools. (P.S) removing stock exhaust especially a rusted old exhaust is annoying, so take your time. When installed using stock rubber exhaust hangers the exhaust may hang low, but isn't problem may be worrisome if road is rough. Overall great exhaust for those looking for balance, and a great replacement compared to stock.