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Invidia R400 Gemini Single Layer Quad SS Tip Cat Back Exhaust Subaru WRX / STI 2015-2020

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In stock, no waiting! The Invidia R400 Gemini Single Layer Quad SS Tip Cat Back Exhaust for your Subaru WRX / STI 2015-2018 is among one of the most popular cat-back exhaust systems available as they make for an excellent upgrade over the OEM exhaust system to improve the performance and the sound. The combination of increased piping diameter along with smooth bends relieves the exhaust with restriction and turbulence under acceleration which will increase the horsepower, the torque, all while improving the throttle response and reducing the turbo lag.

Here are the key features:

  • Stainless steel quad exhaust tips
  • 4" Tip sizing
  • 304 stainless steel materials
  • 3" piping diameter
  • Exhaust hangers welded on to the OEM locations to allow for a direct fitment
  • New gaskets and hardware included making this exhaust system ready for the installation
Pipe: 76mm
Tip: 101mm
Resonated mid-pipe


Note: Are you using a stock j pipe or downpipe? If yes, the GrimmSpeed Subaru Stock DP to Aftermarket 3 in. Catback Adapter p/n 077046, is required.


Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Deep, some drone, and not the best fitment

Drone is subjective, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I wasn't after the loudest thing I could find, but I do wonder how the 300 would have compared. I think there is a drone but, again, that's just one man's opinion. Overall it's 100% an improvement over stock, so there are no regrets. I've gotten used to it over the year I've had it but I get comments when I have passengers. The only reason I didn't give the 5 stars is that the fitment wasn't as clean as I would have expected for the price. It's dangerously close to the driver-side tips rubbing (and then melting) the exit on the bumper.

amazing catback system

i cant figure out what i love most about this catback. it sounds awesome, its a great price, it looks awesome, come in SS, titanium, and i think ive even seen black. either way its a great exhaust system that will really help your engine breath better. 10/10

Invidia R400

Makes the car sound like a monster.

sounds great, fitment could be better

I had the Tomei single exit before this which was too loud for me, so I went with the R400 Gemini as a replacement. This exhaust is combined with the Grimmspeed downpipe.

Deep rumble and sounds sexy when you feed it the dinnah! Can be a little drone-y around 2300-2700 rpm but otherwise very little drone. It's also not too loud inside the car which was my goal with purchasing this exhaust.

I tried fiddling around with this thing for hoursss so it would be centered in the bumper holes and not have the drivers side rub against the bumper (also the drivers side sticks out further than the passenger side). It still didn't end up fitting perfect but at the end of the day for the price/performance I'd say it's worth it.


This exhaust sounds amazing thank you So much for your service