Killer B Motorsport Dual Washer/Coolant Reservoir Subaru WRX / STI 2008-2021

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Great quality

For a 2019 WRX it's kind of tricky to install but nothing crazy. I love the finish and the weldings are on point. Kind of pricey but the product you are getting makes it totally worth it.

Pricey and pretty

I was a little hesitant to order this at first due to its price. However, I needed a new radiator and my stock wash bottle was leaking anyway so I bit the bullet and added this to my order.
The good:
First off, the welds are beautiful. There's simply no other word for them. The dual reservoir feels sturdy and is extremely well made. It's very well engineered and takes up very little space in the engine bay. Install was relatively easy and everything fit like it should

The meh:
The attachment hole to the plastic pinion the radiator fans could fit a little tighter around the plastic pin as mine seems to want to pop off. I fixed this with a cable tie. You will need two bolts (I think they were 10mm) that are not included. One to secure the reservoir to the bottom mounting bracket and a other for the support bracket that you zip tie to the pump line for the windshield pump. Directions would have been helpful but are not crucial. The capacity of the wiper fluid is a little small but imho a worthy sacrifice for the benefit. The viewing tube for the coolant level it a little awkward to see.

Overall happy with my purchase, very impressed with the quality.

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