Carrillo Connecting Rods Pro-H Beam CARR Bolts Mazdaspeed3 2007-2013

Engine Connecting Rods

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Part #: MA-23DISI>-65927S-04

If you are looking for connecting rods that can take whatever you can throw at them, look no further. Carrillo connecting rods are forged and use only the strongest materials to ensure they will hold massive amounts of power. They are run through a thorough inpection process once finished to ensure each rod is made to the highest quality standard. These rods are for enthusiasts that require the absolute best and will not compromise on quality. The H-beam rod has become the industy standard design for high-performance applications. Considering the best overall performance of the part, combined with the least amount of weight, the H-beam is Carrillo's strongest, most durable design available. Carrillo H-beam rods are recommended for race applications where no compromise in performance is possible. Pro-H rods for the MS3 available with 3/8th inch cap bolts in either standard WMC or Carrillo specific design which can be retorqued as many times as you want and will not need to be replaced. These rods are for 1000+whp race only machines and are not optimal for street use. Usually takes a few weeks for delivery.

Part Number: MA-23DISI>-65927S-04

Carrillo Connecting Rods Pro-H Beam CARR Bolts Mazdaspeed3 2007-2013
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