ACT Xtreme Performance Street Clutch Kit Mitsubishi EVO 8 + 9 (2003-2006)

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Drivetrain Clutch

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ACT Xtreme Performance Street Clutch Kit for your Mitsubishi EVO 8 + 9 friction surface is SFI certified and is an excellent choice for modified, street driven cars. The SS disc provides quicker engagement than a stock surface and is quiet compared to other, more aggressive friction surfaces. The SS disk is available coupled to the Heavy Duty pressure plate for a 41% increase in clamp load, or the Xtreme pressure plate which increases the clamp load by 57%. ACT's Performance Street disk uses a sprung hub with bushings and cone springs similar to OEM clutch discs; creating frictional dampening that improves clutch life and reduces noise. The SS kit is suggested as a stock replacement or for light to moderately modified 03-06 Evo 8 & 9s.

  • Friction surface and pressure plate
  • OEM release bearing
  • alignment tool
Torque Rating: XTSS: 567ft/lbs

Part Number: MB2-XTSS
ACT Xtreme Performance Street Clutch Kit Mitsubishi EVO 8 + 9 (2003-2006)
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