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Mountune MP275 Performance Intercooler Upgrade Kit Silver Focus ST 2013-2016

Mountune MP275 Performance Intercooler Upgrade Kit Silver Focus ST 2013-2016

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The mountune MP275 Performance Upgrade for the Ford Focus ST includes high quality, engineered components to ensure performance and reliability that is endorsed by Ford and retains factory warranty when installed at any Ford dealer or mountune USA. Backing up the mountune components is world class, performance ECU calibration engineered to add maximum consistent performance. Undergoing hours of development in house by mountune’s experienced engineers, the MP275 ECU calibration has been validated through a wide range of performance and durability tests and resulting in a complete performance upgrade that is legal for street use in the United States.

Installation of the MP275 Upgrade is easy and requires about one hour. The induction kit included will not decrease your MPG’s and brings out a deeper intake tone when under heavy acceleration allowing for a more direct intake flow and cooler air temps. Recalibrating the factory ECU is easily by using the included mountune mTune handset with just a few clicks of a button. The mTune simply plugs into your Focus ST's OBD II port and quickly transfers the upgraded performance engine calibration in about 5 minutes. The MP275 Performance upgrade kit includes all necessary hardware to get you back on the road in no time. mountune's intercooler utilizes a 14-row extruded lightweight tube and fin alloy core with cast alloy end tanks for improved flow characteristics, the mountune intercooler upgrade gives a substantial reduction in Air Charge Temperature with a very minimal pressure drop, therefore maximizing power reducing outlet temps by 39%.

*Premium Fuel Required. Performance gains were measured with 93 octane fuel (USA). Your results may vary depending on fuel quality, vehicle condition and geographical location.

Typical performance gains:

Standard Focus ST 250PS:

0-62mph: 6.5secs

31-62mph (4th gear): 5.7secs

Power 250 PS

Torque 270 lb/ft

mountune Focus ST 275PS:

0-60mph: 5.7secs

0-62mph: 5.95secs

31-62mph (4th gear): 4.9secs

Power : 275 PS

Torque 296 lb/ft

California Air Resource Board Executive Order D-727-1


  • mountune high flow induction kit
  • mountune mTune handset
  • mountune High Flow Intercooler
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