Megan Racing Adj. Rear Lower Arm Nissan 240sx 1995-1998

Megan Racing
Suspension Control Arms

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Part #: MR-NS-1821

These Rear-Lower control arms are designed to replace the large OEM control arms in the back of the S14 chassis. By upgrading these arms, you will be removing the soft rubber bushings that are now aged by 12 years and are deteriorating with Pillowball joints that remove all play in the suspension. This allows energy to transfer more efficiently into your suspension components to give you a more predictable and consistent handling characteristics. The adjustable heim joint also allows you to change the overall length of the arm which will adjust both track-width and camber which can allow for a more wider tire-wheel combination as well as more efficient suspension geometry in the rear no matter what motorsport you are competing in.

  • Constructed of High-Strength Steel Alloy
  • Three-Stage Powdercoating Process with Brilliant Blue Finish.
  • Adjustable Length for Camber and Track-Width adjustment.
  • Allows for a wider Tire-Wheel combination.
  • Eliminates Soft-Rubber OEM Bushings.
Model Number : MRS-NS-1821
Megan Racing Adj. Rear Lower Arm Nissan 240sx 1995-1998
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