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Muller Air Cup Lift System - Universal

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Offering the convenience of a conventional air bag system without the loss in performance, the lift system compresses the spring and extends the shaft to lift a lowered vehicle 1-2 inches. Once the air cup is fully purged of its air, the cup merely acts as a metal spacer. No loss in performance or ride quality is experienced since the air cup has no moving parts when purged. The Müller system can be used on race cars to allow navigation over high slung trailer ramps. This allows a very low vehicle to navigate safely over speed bumps, inclines and any other obstacle on the road. Müller air cups can be ordered in 1 & 2 inch stroke configurations. Coilover applications with minimum available stroke can only use a 1 inch stroke air cup. Other applications that have longer shocks and piston shafts can run our 1 or 2 inch stroke air cups.

Müller air cup lift systems are designed to lift a vehicle temporarily over obstacles. They are not intended as an air bag system to drive around when aired up. The seals in the air cup can sustain aired-up driving, however when the air cup is full of air the coilover springs are compressed. This effectively doubles the spring rate of the spring and ride quality will suffer. We recommend that this system is used exclusively to assist a lowered vehicle over an obstacle.

Müller air cup lift systems are designed and made in the USA. All systems are made of aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum, Teflon seals and high quality o-rings. Müller air cups are extremely durable and can be used on race vehicles. A 1-year warranty is provided with every system and can be serviced at our North American Facility.

Müller air cup lift system details:
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Designed in the USA with the latest CAD programs
  • Forged 6061 T6 construction
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance and strength
  • Extensively tested for trouble free operation
  • Serviceable in the USA

Compressor system details:
  • Rugged VIAR compressor
  • 2 gallon VIAR air tank
  • Integrated mounting plate
  • Paddle valve used for airing up and purging system
  • Pressure switch relay
  • Air pressure gauge
  • DOT approved air lines
  • All necessary installation hardware