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NRG M12 X 1.25 Gun Metal Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

Engine Drain Plugs

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Part #: NOP-200GM

The New NRG Magnetic Oil Drain Plug is embedded with high intensity magnet that catches any ferrous metallic particles in the engine or transmission oil, resulting in optimum oil cleanliness. The embedded design is to ensure that the magnet will not drop into the oil pan. Made from T6061 high grade aluminum, containing a strong 5000 Gauss magnet that is more than sufficient for the job. The NRG Magnetic Oil Drain plug comes in an assortment of anodized colors for superior corrosion resistance. Just wipe it clean and reinstall every change oil to ensure proper performance. Available in M12 X 1.25, M14 X 1.50 and M20 X 1.50 to fit most automobile makes and models.

Car Models Compatible:
Toyota This item is non application specific. Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.
NRG M12 X 1.25 Gun Metal Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
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