Perrin Coolant Hose Adapter

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Gauge Install Adapters

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Fitment Information:

This item is non application specific. Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Estimated Installation Time - 30 Minutes
  • Outer Diameter 38mm (1.5")
  • Thread Size 1/8" pt - Compatible with 1/8" NPT & 1/8" BPT
  • Ground port For use with some aftermarket gauges

The PERRIN Coolant Hose Adapter is essential for proper and easy installation of your water temperature sensors.

When installing your water temperature sensor to your coolant lines, you will most likely have to modify your lines in order to get a sensor in there. With the PERRIN Coolant Hose Adapter, create a clean and reliable modification to your lines while maintaining a neat aesthetic to your engine bay.

Perrin Coolant Hose Adapter
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