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Process West V-Mount Intercooler Subaru WRX / STI 2002-2007

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The ultimate time attack cooling system2 years in development sees the release of THE best intercooler and radiator combination on the market bar none.Our system has the throttle response of a top mounted intercooler and the efficiency of a front mounted intercooler system.Having an efficient intercooler on a track car is pointless unless you are able to keep the engine cooling under control. The Process West Vmount system uses the very latest in _steppedî radiator core technology.

The stepped radiator core is designed to mount at an angle of 30 degrees. Although the core is mounted in a laid over position, the ambient air flow through the radiator is still parallel to the road surface.

This results in the most efficient radiator that is available for the 01-07 WRX/STi.

Utilizing a massive 660 x 210 x 90mm bar & plate intercooler core, our race track data shows intercooler outlet temps peaking at 45C (ambient temps were 30C), even after a grueling super sprint session in the Jason Wright 450hp STi.

Part Number: PWVMNT01