Megan Racing H-Bracket Suspension Brace Honda Civic Sedan 2012

Megan Racing
Suspension Braces

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As you drive your car undergoes stress as your whole chassis will twist and absorb a lot of energy created by the force of inertia and gravity. Over the years, it s been proven that a performance vehicle must reinforce the chassis and make a more rigid frame by connecting points in your vehicle that are crucial to the behavior of your vehicle.

By connecting points in your chassis and reinforcing the frame you are able to channel that energy that is being absorbed by the chassis flex back into your suspension components. This allows your suspension components such as your springs, shocks, and sway bars to do their job more effectively with more stability.

An H-Brace connects the underside of your chassis and frame by connecting 4 crucial points underneath your chassis that undergo the most stress during cornering. Professional installation is HIGHLY recommended due to the familiarity of the connections between the chassis and subframes.

*Does not fit on Honda Civic GX (Natural Gas) model

Megan Racing H-Bracket Suspension Brace Honda Civic Sedan 2012
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