CP Piston & Ring Bore (89mm) Compression Ratio (9.0) for 93-01 Honda Prelude

CP Pistons
Engine Pistons/Rings

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Part #: SC7035

CP pistons are compatible withoversize valves and higher lift cams. Specific X designated part numbers in corporatean X-style forging for additional strength, durability and weight reduction. Along withfull radius dome designs, high performance rings and lightweight pins, CP pistonsrepresent the highest quality and are engineered for maximum power. Pistons can beordered with skirt coating if desired. Head gaskets also available.

  • Deep valve relief depth accommodates high lift camshaft
  • Made for +1mm valve sizes
  • Custom skirt cam and barrel design
  • Accumulator grooves
  • High strength aluminum forgings
  • High performance rings
  • Fully CNC machined and balanced to +/- 1 gram
  • Wrist pins included at no additional cost
  • Double pin oilers, force fed oil ring
  • Pick lock grooves for easy lock removal
  • Pin fitting included
Part Number: SC7035

Bore (89mm) - Size (+2.0mm) - Compression Ratio (9.0)

CP Piston & Ring Bore (89mm) Compression Ratio (9.0) for 93-01 Honda Prelude
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