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Tein Flex Coilovers Subaru Legacy GT 2005-2009-Import Image Racing

Tein Flex Coilovers Subaru Legacy GT 2005-2009

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Tein Type Flex coilover suspension kits are designed to turn your Legacy GT into the superb handling machine it should be without sacrificing too much comfort. Tein incorporated separate height and preload adjustments, which allows you myriad adjustments for all road, autocross and track conditions. Tein's twin-tube dampers are made for outstanding reliability and longevity. The Tein Flex damper kit includes pillow ball upper mounts and is compatible with the EDFC, for maximum performance for the streets.


  • Adjustment Range: F: -0.50" to -2.30" / R: -0.30" to -2.90"
  • Spring Rate (lb/in): F: 280 / R: 336
  • Upper Mounts: adjustable pillowball front, rubber rear
  • Adjustability: height, preload, dampening
  • EDFC Compatibility: yes

Part Number: DSS70-6USS1