Verus Carbon Thermoplastic Front Splitter Ford Focus RS 2016-2018


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Part #: verA0077A

Front splitters are very effective at producing front end downforce without increasing drag significantly by creating a large pressure delta between top and bottom surfaces. Constructed solely from durable, lightweight carbon thermoplastic, and mounted to hard points on the chassis through two splitter ties, and various bumper mounting locations, it can handle high downforce loads. Carbon thermoplastic, which is the same material that is used in high forms of Motorsports, is not brittle, so no more issues with cracking like carbon fiber and ABS. It will not grab and bend under the car like aluminum units.

Exclusive Benefits:
Constructed from carbon thermoplastic, which offers strength, low weight, durability, and a great appearance
Same material used in various forms of racing, including Indy Car, NASCAR, and F1.
Mounted to hard points throughout the front of the chassis.

Front splitter is manufactured from carbon thermoplastic, offering superior strength, weight, durabilty, and appearance to many other options
Will not grab and bend surfaces like aluminum units
Will not crack and break like carbon and ABS units
Abbrassive resistant while stiff
Aluminum support rods
Stainless hardware throughout

Verus Carbon Thermoplastic Front Splitter Ford Focus RS 2016-2018
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